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The Facility Conduct Policy governs conduct at all Parks and Recreation facilities including the Civic Center.  Please be aware that misconduct at the Civic Center may result in suspension of usage privileges at not only the Civic Center but other P&R facilities including the Aquatic Center and parks.  Click here to review the complete policy.


General Facility Policies

  • All facility patrons must be members or pay the daily, non-member fee.
  • In order to gain access to the Civic Center, all facility users (members and non-members) must sign-in at the front desk.
  • Enter and exit through the main front entrance doors only.  Marked fire exit doors are for emergency use only.
  • Children under 8 years of age must be accompanied and directly supervised by an adult (19 & older) at all times.
  • Food and open beverage containers are permitted in the game room and lobby only.
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn when using any recreation area.  On court surfaces, only non-marking shoes are permitted.
  • Tobacco products (smoking and smokeless) are not permitted.
  • No loud, boisterous activity is allowed including running and bouncing balls in the hallways.  Radios and CD/cassette players may only be used with headphones.
  • No profanity or abusive, threatening language or behavior is permitted.
  • No pets are allowed except for service animals.
  • No roller blading/skating or skateboarding is allowed in the facility.
  • No spitting or snotting in the facility.
  • No dunking or hanging on basketball rims.
  • The Parks and Recreation Department and Civic Center staff are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

Weight Room & Fitness Room Rules

  • Must be 15 years of age or older to use the weight or fitness rooms without an adult (19 & older) present.
  • Children in grades 7 & 8 may use weight room only when accompanied by an adult (19 & older).
  • Children ages 13 & 14 may use fitness room only when accompanied by an adult (19 & older).
  • All weights and dumbbells should be returned to their proper place on the racks.  No equipment is to be moved from its designated area or to leave the weight room.
  • All free weight users should have at least one spotter.  Do not hesitate to ask for assistance or for a spot from any staff member on duty.
  • Proper workout apparel is required including a shirt and shoes at all times.
  • There is a 30 minute time limit on all cardiovascular equipment (i.e. treadmills, stationary bikes, steppers, etc.) Please be courteous in this regard.

Pool Rules (additional rules posted in pool)

  • As per state regulation, pool patrons must be 16 years of age or older to use the pool without an adult (19 & older) or lifeguard present.
  • All pool patrons must take a shower before entering.
  • A swimsuit must be worn at all times (no cutoff jeans or T-shirts).
  • Diving into the swimming pool is prohibited.  Running, rough housing, & loud, boisterous activity are prohibited.
  • Kickboards, water dumbbells and other aquatic fitness equipment are not to be used as toys and should only be used for lap swimming, water aerobics, or swim lessons.
  • Small, soft toys (nerf balls) are allowed, however inner tubes, rafts, or any other inflatable toys are not allowed.
  • Only approved aquatic balls (basketballs, volleyballs) in the pool area (available at pool).
  • Anyone not yet toilet trained must wear swim diapers.

Whirlpool/Spa Rules (additional rules posted at whirlpool/spa)

  • As per state regulation, whirlpool/spa users must be 16 years of age or older to use without an adult (19 & older) present.
  • As per state regulation, no one under 5 years of age is permitted in the whirlpool/spa.
  • Maximum occupancy of five people (adults & children) in the whirlpool/spa at one time.
  • Anyone not yet toilet trained must wear swim diapers.
  • Users should observe a reasonable time limit (that is, 10-15 minutes), then leave the water and cool down before returning for another brief stay.

Racquetball Courts & Pickleball

  • Must be 13 years of age or older to use the racquetball courts or play pickleball without an adult present.
  • Proper eyewear/goggles is required at all times in the racquetball courts.
  • Racquetball and pickleball equipment may be checked-out at the front desk for use at the Civic Center.
  • Civic Center members may check out pickleball equipment (net, paddles, balls) for use on outdoor courts.